make ahead salad

Best Carrot Salad Recipe

Tired of that same carrot raisin salad recipe? Make this easy marinated carrot salad...even better a couple of days ahead!

It's tangy and fresh at the same time

Why you'll love it

The carrots aren't mushy and stay crisp even when made ahead!



carrots green peppers  white onion tomato sauce or soup vinegar sugar yellow mustard and a few more...




the carrots into 1/2" thick slices. Cut the green pepper and onion into slivers.

Choose a bunch of different colored carrots for a lot of color and flavor

Recipe Tips

Cut them up with a crinkle cutter for some fun texture!




the marinade ingredients and pour over carrots in a storage bag.

Refrigerate overnight or up to a couple of days ahead. 

Recipe Tip


The best carrot salad recipe! Makes a great side dish for burgers on Father's Day! 

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