Best Pizza Dough

How to Make the

The best pizza dough is one YOU make...I've got all the easy steps to make homemade pizza dough!

Ready to make  homemade pizza dough?

Read through the recipe completely

Stuff To Do

Grab a big mixing bowl or a stand mixer if available 

Assemble all your ingredients


active dry yeast water olive oil sugar  bread or AP flour salt



Add  sugar to 110˚ water and sprinkle the yeast in. Gently stir the yeast.


Let the yeast sit until bubbly (about 10 minutes or so) - you can also use instant yeast!


Add the flour and salt to the mixer and stir gently. Pour in yeast mix and lightly mix with bread hook. 


Mix until the dough comes together in the bowl,adding in flour as needed


After 2 hours rising, turn the dough onto a floured board and cut in half.


Start working one 1/2 of the dough in a circle, stretching with your hands in fists from underneath. 


Time to make pizza with this easy pizza dough recipe!

Works great for a cast iron skillet pizza too!

"This is my first attempt at making pizza from scratch. Your step by step instructions were perfect. I did have to add extra flour until it reached the right consistency. Came out perfect..." "

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