Whether you’re setting up a brand new kitchen or you’re just needing some organization, help is here! My pantry list gives you the framework for a well-run kitchen.

Keeping your kitchen stocked is a never ending task and let’s be honest, you either love or really don’t like grocery shopping. Whether you shop for your groceries at your local market (or two) or prefer having your groceries delivered, it’s got to happen. So why not take the stress out of it with a little preparation?

Your pantry basics guide is here! Keep it tucked inside your pantry to stay organized and jog your memory with items that are easy to forget. There’s nothing worse than wanting to bake, going to the pantry and finding no flour. Or just as bad – going all the way to the store, not knowing you need flour, and not realizing that someone in your house had used the last cup forcing you to turn around and go back again. Not that that’s ever happened or anything.

If you really want to look extra-Martha, laminate this handy guide and use a dry erase pen to cross off or highlight what you’re running low on. And then transfer it to your phone or list. This will make grocery shopping and restocking breeze. You might find your family members getting in on the action and…maybe they’ll even offer to shop for you. A girl can dream, right?

Of course, you’ll find many ingredients that work well in Italian recipes —it’s always good to keep items like these on hand for a last-minute antipasto (an Italian charcuterie board) in case friends pop over. Many of these items are no-brainers, but you might find that having a list like this actually saves time and money as you won’t be running back and forth to the store for forgotten items. Time is money, honey!

Get Your Pantry Basics List HERE!