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The key to cooking like an Italian is stocking your kitchen with fresh, high quality ingredients

Italians, like my grandmas Josie and Nina, are wonderful cooks because they take simple, fresh ingredients and make them shine. And they make it look easy because they always have what they need on hand.

Your new Italian Pantry Essentials Guide will help you to stock your kitchen just like an Italian. Say goodbye to eating out because you “don’t have anything” and bongiorno to delicious, mouthwatering recipes that don’t take hours to prepare!

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If you really want to look extra-Josie, laminate this handy guide and use a dry erase pen to cross off or highlight what you’re running low on. And then transfer it to your phone or list. This will make grocery shopping and restocking breeze!

Last minute charcuterie

a galvanized bowl of marinated fresh mozzarella balls with basil.
Easy antipasto recipe marinated mozzarella cheese

With items like fresh mozzarella and balsamic vinegar on hand, you can whip up this easy marinated mozzarella for an antipasto (an Italian charcuterie board) when friends pop over.

You’ll be able to transform a can of San Marzano tomatoes into a quick one pan pasta recipe in under 30 minutes!

Many of these items are no-brainers, but you might find that having a list like this actually saves time and money as you won’t be running back and forth to the store for forgotten items.

Mangia, my friend!

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